Post Launch Recap and The Future of ChainFlowers

CFLOers are celebrating a successful Launch and a solid 1st week organic growth

We had an amazing launch! This has been a wild week, breathtaking!

As a core team of three with a vision to lower the entry barrier to the NFT world for Florists, Craftsmen, Painters, Photographers and Artists in general, we never imagined such an amazing support from our community upon launch. This is truly something to celebrate!

We want to thank all of our early supporters and contributors. Thanks to you, it became a reality.

Before we get to what’s coming, let’s think about where we are right now.

  • Upon Launch, 100% of liquidity worth $260K was locked on Team.Finance Currently worth $312K. To view Click Here
  • Team Tokens are locked on Team.Finance for a 1 year cliff and vested for 2 years. To view Click Here
  • Treasury tokens are locked on Unicrypt. To view Click Here
  • CoinGecko listing achieved √ Click Here
  • Token Contract Verified √ Click Here
  • DEXT Score Improved from 1 to 66 Click Here
  • LiveCoinWatch Listing achieved √ Click Here
  • First Twitter Influencer Hired — Rey Santos
  • CFLO Gurus Contest launched. So far 4 questions have been asked and answered properly from which our community member Giancarlo has answered 3 correctly at lightning speed. The other winner is community member Nicholas.
  • CFLO Master Shiller Contest is in progress. So far community member Jorge is leading the score. $1,000 worth of CFLO will be distributed within the top 10 members.
  • First Weekly Diamond Hands Lottery drawing to be held 07/25/21 live TBA

The first week has given us a hint of just how strong the community we are building really is. We truly appreciate everyone’s support and we are committed to working hard to make it a success.

Now, what can you expect in the following days?

  • Our much awaited LP and Standard Staking program will launch within the last 2 weeks of August. Details to be announced soon.
  • We have applied for CoinMarketCap listing, waiting for approval. Soon you’ll see us listed.
  • Airdrop Announcement coming up as a marketing strategy. Details to be announced soon.
  • We’ll soon start our CFLO Meme Lord contest in our discord channel. The best memes will be used to create viral tweets as marketing strategy.
  • We’ll be doing some more telegram AMAs to increase the project exposure. Stay tuned.
  • As we go through our platform development, we will occasionally share updates as we progress.

We thank you for your support of this project, and we hope to thrive in the NFT space. We’re all in this together, and we’re here to make it a reality.

About ChainFlowers

ChainFlowers is an Ethereum based platform for the creation and trading of Floral Arrangements NFT, Gifts, Crafts, Paintings and Photography . Users will be able to easily create, buy and sell their artistic creations. A creator can bring their physical work to the blockchain by simply uploading the digital version of their creations. They will be able to determine the quantity they want to mint and sell them in the marketplace. Buyers will be able to store and view their NFTs in their wallets.

Learn More About ChainFlowers and the CFLO Token

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the upcoming days and weeks, and ask your questions!



Whitepaper: Click Here

Telegram: ChainFlowers






CFLOW is an Ethereum based platform for creation and trading of NFTs. Available on iOS, Android and Web

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CFLOW is an Ethereum based platform for creation and trading of NFTs. Available on iOS, Android and Web