ChainFlowers: Redefining the NFT Marketplace Ecosystem

The market has ceased to be a physical place of exchange of goods, to become a globalized “supermarket”, in some cases totally virtual and where the products offered are digital packages or services that are developed online and therefore there is never a measurable physical product.

In these industries or services, the workforce becomes a “digital hand”, present in the exchange of online transactions, where distance does not matter and people can work from anywhere in the world. Contrary to what happens in a conventional industry, where the worker goes to his job location every day and adds value to raw material to turn it into a physical good that will be sold in the future.

ChainFlowers aims to become the bridge between the $ 45 Billion Florist industry and a $ 338 Million NFT Market, allowing the transactions to take place without geographical boundaries.

What is ChainFlowers?

ChainFlowers is an Ethereum based platform for the creation and trading of Floral Arrangements NFT. Users will be able to easily create, buy and sell their physical flower creations. A creator can bring their physical work to the blockchain by simply uploading the digital version of their creations. They will be able to determine the quantity they want to mint and sell them in the marketplace. Buyers will be able to store and view their NFTs in their wallets.

Who is ChainFlowers’ Core Team?

Chainflowers’ Founder and CEO, Oscar Rodriguez, saw the need to evolve the flower industry for the good of the producers, the consumers, the florists, and our planet.

In his words: “ChainFlowers solves the issue of perishable gifts. Now, flowers are forever. Your investment, intact. The recipient, happy.”

So together with:

Created Chainflowers for the greater good. The connection between the physical world of the Florist Industry to the digital world of the NFT Industry, an unprecedented marketplace. With such a small team launching such a huge and ambitious project, there was a need for experimented advisors in the different industries that would ensure success:

  • Heidy Esquivel — Florist Expert
  • Reivyn Madrid — Cyber Security
  • Angel Funes — Digital Marketing


The marketplace consists of NFTs of different types of floral arrangements from around the world that can be customized and range in uniqueness from 1 to many. The smart contract will handle the exchange of NFTs and allow the owner to sell, buy, resell, update pricing, description, and allow customized requests. In short, people from all walks of life living anywhere in the world, from remote parts to big cities, will be able to sell their unique arrangements and eternalize them. Additionally, the marketplace contains features and components that will be off-chain. These include but are not limited to monitoring digital content, adding/uploading promo materials, and rating and reviewing digital content.

CFLO Token

The CFLO token will be used to conduct business on ChainFlowers’ marketplace. Easy and fast transactions. Users will be able to transact within the marketplace without the need of using multiple sites, and even non-crypto users will be able to purchase using a credit card which will automatically convert the purchase to CFLO tokens.

The total supply is fixed at 100 million coins and no more coins will be ever minted. They’ll be on the ERC-20 platform and will be available to purchase in Uniswap next month.


Of all of the tokens in circulation, the CFLO token distribution is as follows:

  • 20% — Public Sale (Launchpad) (2 Month Vesting)
  • 15% Unlocked at TGE
  • 7% — Seed Round (12 Month Vesting)
  • 15% Unlocked at TGE
  • 14% — Private Sale (4 Month Vesting)
  • 15% Unlocked at TGE
  • 9% — Community Rewards / Airdrops / Bounties
  • 30% — Treasury Reserves ( Marketing / Development / Legal )
  • 20% — Team 12 Month Locked, 2 Year Vesting

Token Distribution Schedule

Seed investors will receive 15% of their tokens on the launch date, and the rest throughout the following 12 months. Private investors will also see 15% of the tokens at launch but receive the rest throughout the following 4 months. For investors who bought on the public round, it’s the same 15%, but they will receive the rest of the tokens in the following 2 months after the launch date.

Launch Date

Chainflowers tokens have been minted and are ready to be deployed on July 15th, 2021. You can read the details here: CFLO: New Launch Date.


Flowers go all the way from cultivation to the consumption of flower arrangements, and in a blink of an eye, end up in the garbage a few days after. ChainFlowers tackles this problem with a more environmentally friendly approach, by immortalizing your creations, gifts, memories, and the feelings that come with it. As the world evolves, the way we conduct business transactions also needs to be at par. Breaking the geographical barriers, all while taking care of our planet. Our commerce ecosystem along with our token will help shape the new way. The future of ChainFlowers’ marketplace looks bright, and we hope you are all part of this new era.

Let’s Connect

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the upcoming days and weeks, and ask your questions!


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CFLOW is an Ethereum based platform for creation and trading of NFTs. Available on iOS, Android and Web