ChainFlowers’ AMA with Crypto Stalkers

The ChainFlowers community keeps growing and getting stronger! One day before our token (CFLO) release on June 15th, we had an AMA with Crypto Stalkers, a 20k+ members community, where we received around 2,600 questions! Exciting, right?

Well, if you missed it, here we have a transcript for some of the highlighted questions and answers:

1) Welcome again. First we would love to know about Chainflorwers team and how long you guys have been in this field.

Thank you for having here today, I am excited to share to the world what ChainFlowers is all about today. I can tell you about the dream-team behind the ChainFlowers wheel. Christian Calix is our CBO, Christian is an Electric Engineer with over 20 years’ experience. He is a big data, blockchain, and business analytics developer. He has an MBA with focus in Finance and a master’s degree in Big Data & Business Analytics. He is a renowned professor. Christian specializes in system automation and telecommunication, IOT, and ETLs. He has led projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce carbon footprint.

Wilmer Toro is a six sigma certified entrepreneur with a proven record of successful business management. He has been a crypto enthusiast since 2015. He is founder and CEO of Appliance GrandMasters, a service company in the process of becoming a Franchise in the USA. Also founder of Red Ribbon Services, an overseas Contact Center. Co-founder of American Shiny Homes, a service company in the USA. Co-Founder of American Dream Builders, a startup construction company. The Avengers say we have Hulk, well, in CFLO we say “We have Wil”.

Lastly, I am Oscar Rodriguez the CEO of Chainflowers. I am an IT professional with over 20 years experience in programming and development, project management, and automation. He has a degree in Computer Science and a master’s in Management Information Systems from Florida State University. Throughout his career he has learned several programming languages including Java, SQL, R, and SAS for data analytics. He has been an avid crypto investor since 2015.

2) Briefly can you please define the main concept behind chainflowers?

Think about the last time you purchased flowers? Where are they? I have been married for 14 years and have given my wife many floral arrangements over the years. Think mother’s days, birthdays, Valentine’s days, anniversaries, and other special occasions. It really adds up. All of those arrangements are gone forever and so is the investment. ChainFlowers lets you keep the floral arrangement and art forever, it will not lose its value. Additionally, it will help local and global florists with a platform to showcase their artistic talents, and easily sell their NFT.

3) Website is well animated and user friendly but can you please elaborate on this “Flowers > Blockchain > NFT”?

If I understand your question correctly, it’s simple. A florist or artist will take a high quality photo of their work and upload it to our website. Our developers are going to make the process of converting the floral arrangement and art into NFTs seamless and intuitive. The user will not need to have experience in crypto or NFTs, as non-crypto users will also be able to make purchases. As you may already know, one key component of blockchain is that it will allow us to track, verify and certify the product. Who made it? Where does it come from? What was used to make it? Is it unique or 1 of 10? All of this is visible and trackable through the blockchain technology.

4) Where can we buy tokens? Please share tokenomics.

We are hosting our presale on Unicrypt right now and will launch on Uniswap on July 15th (tomorrow). Our total supply is 100,000,000 tokens from which 41% is distributed to the public, 39% Treasury, for marketing, community rewards and development. We believe Marketing, Community and Development are the most important things for a project to succeed. 20% to the team and founders locked over 3 years.

5) By holding CFLO what benefits will I be getting? Can you share a roadmap with our community?

Our roadmap is included in our whitepaper but basically it consists of 4 stages.

Stage 1 — Consists of the Web Application / Marketplace. The Web Application will be as user friendly as possible to make it easy for anyone to convert their physical creations into a CFLO NFT.

Stage 2 — Multiple Payment Gateways / Merchant integrations. We’ll start integrating multiple payment gateways into our application to allow non-crypto users to participate in the market of CFLO NFTs and help mass adoption.

Stage 3 — Mobile App development. Offering users the ability to share their CFLO NFT collections to their social media accounts in just a few taps. Users will also be able to create NFTs directly from their smartphone. This will allow Florists with no access to a computer to participate in this new economy.

Stage 4 — Commercial Set up. At this stage we’ll seek commercial partnerships with major Florist Shops, Wedding & Event Planners and Funeral Homes to develop the commercial strategy of CFLO NFTS. Within the commercial strategy there will be features such as offering Holographic setups for table tops and walls to decorate the events accordingly and provide a stunning experience

6) Chainflowers is a platform for making art easier. However, in every project, the ambassador plays an important role. Does CFLO already have an Ambassador program? And what are your plans for global expansion? Get customers, users and partnerships to build and grow it?

ChainFlowers has a solid community backing up the project. We have not defined an Ambassador program yet but will do in the future. The project was born with the support of Avenida Crypto, one the largest latin american communities of crypto investors. This allows us to easily enter the markets in the American continent.

One of the recent achievements was to get the government of El Salvador to support our project. We will be holding an event in El Salvador with local artists and showcasing their artwork to the world. The long term plan is to have similar events around the world and introduce new artists to the NFT world.

For producers and florists who have technological difficulties in digitizing the arrangements, assistance will be provided on the Chainflowers platform by our CFLOAgent in this regard, with dedicated staff who will guide them at all times.

Stay tuned.

7) What are the use cases that your tokenomy can represent within an established economic model within or outside the market? Could you give us a list of the main incentives that we can obtain as potential investors of the CFLO tokenomic model?

Some of the main benefits for potential investors are staking rewards, reduced fees in our platform, and governance voting power. Sellers will be incentivised to keep all of their revenue from their sales in CFLO token staked by offering an APY and reduced seller fees. Buyers holding the CFLO token will also get reduced fees from their transactions.

8) On ChainFlowers’ website, the core features mentioned that it is safe and secure, universal access and sharing anywhere. I think all the features are part of each platform. Which additional security steps are added in the CFLO platform which are new and only you have?

We have been in the Crypto space for a while and we know how important security is. We brought on board one of our advisors, Reivyn Madrid, who is an expert on Cybersecurity. Our platform will have commercial transactions so we are going to keep the users’ information secure. Payment and data processing will be monitored by an expert in the field, in my opinion, one of the best in the field.

9) If any artist from any walks of like wants to hold your CFLO token to spread the floral arrangements as well as the crafts item and so on then what are the procedures available to get in? Are you insisting artists make their passion into occupation? Art for mind CFLO as a sign?

The procedure to get in is very simple but it will go into a verification process by our team. Our business model will allow artists from all over the world to be included in a global market. In the case of Flowers, Home delivery or physical form collection at the florist shop is completely removed from the process and replaced by virtual delivery, with the arrangement certification procedure, based on blockchain technology (NFT). This allows Florists to sell their creations around the world. Something that is not available at the moment.

For example, if you want to buy a floral arrangement made at a florist in Amsterdam, where it is certified through an NFT, which is a unique arrangement with seasonal tulips and from a specific greenhouse or garden, simply enter the ChainFlowers platform and place your order.

This arrangement can also be customized with text, audio or video message to the person or event to which it is addressed. Even if necessary, it can be requested to be encoded as an arrangement prepared for a holographic projection.

10) Does your project also provide a platform for Dex, Staking and farming in future plans? To increase profits, for token holders? When do you think of integrating?

The platform will allow users to stake their CFLO Tokens.The business model itself is self sustainable since it will attract users from around the world to use the platform. On every transaction there will be fees which will be used to buy back our token to distribute as rewards to our stakers. Stakers will also receive NFT limited editions every now and then as rewards. We do not plan to offer Dex or Farming services at the moment.

Why does it show this warning?

Our team is public, we have done live AMAs on Youtube. If you know, you know that this is just how they make some money. They wanted to charge a fee to remove that warning. We decided not to pay that fee since our community knows who we are. Additionally, we minted through Trustswap, a well know launchpad that generates trust.

Any plans to launch it on the TrustSwap launchpad?

We all know that Roger was one of the big investors in TrustSwap, but here we saw an opportunity, along with Roger to make Avenida Crypto a launchpad of our own. Minting and vesting will be done through TrustSwap, but this was also a great opportunity for us to do it ourselves. Our seed run alone raised over $600K in Avenida Crypto.

These were some of the great questions asked by the Crypto Stalkers community. If you want to learn more about the project, you can read the whitepaper or read a short overview of how ChainFlowers is Redefining the NFT Marketplace Ecosystem.

You still have questions? You can always ask the community for further assistance, so check the links below!

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