CFLO’s First NFT Collections

CFLO’s first NFT Collections:

Dear community,

We are extremely happy to share exciting news with you. CFLO is launching its first official NFT Collections next week! In collaboration with Art River Agency, a leading international NFT agency, we created three distinct NFT category-collections with different art styles: Moments, Our Culture in a Box, and Warm Roots.

Fire in San Miguelito, San Salvador

Fire in San Miguelito, San Salvador

On September 22nd of this year, there was a fire at San Miguelito Market (located in El Salvador’s capital city), affecting many people. Some lost everything, from fruit sellers, to artisans and florists. In addition to losing all of their business’ assets, they don’t have a place to try to start again, a place to continue doing business. The market is destroyed. As the government starts the reconstruction project, the people who depend on the market to make a living are in uncertainty.

We, at ChainFlowers, feel the pain of the people affected by the tragedy and have decided to do something about it.

ChainFlowers feels a deep connection with the community that was affected and is now orchestrating this NFT collections sale. All proceeds will be donated to the families that were impacted by the market’s fire to cover basic needs and if possible, buy the tools and materials they need to start working again.

CFLO vs OpenSea

CFLO’s NFT Marketplace is in development, forecasting an early release in December of this year! In order to get this initiative started early, we chose OpenSea, a direct competitor. We are using what is openly available to create a ChainFlowers page in OpenSea for the cause. Together, we are all helping the community of San Miguelito. Yes! We are all human, and this goes above and beyond business. Therefore the collection was minted and is being sold in OpenSea.

You can look at the collection on our website and then choose your favorite ones:

Polygon network

To avoid gas fees when you buy this collection we decided to mint it under the Polygon network. You might still need to add ETH to the polygon network (and pay a small gas fee) or you could buy the art pieces with your credit card.

If you want to keep reading but can’t wait to see the collection, you can check it out here:

Collection #1 — San Miguelito: Moments

San Miguelito: Moments

This collection consists of a main piece named “San Miguelito”, which depicts the market’s constant activity, positive energy, and the family vibes San Miguelito brings to the community. This main art piece is unique, and will be part of an auction. The “Moments” collection is completed by another five pieces that transmit specific personas in the market: a fruit seller, a florist, an artisan, a pupusa cook, and a souvenir seller. There will be 50 copies of each, at a fixed price of $ETH 0.05 (aprox. $200) per piece. The main piece will be $ETH 2, and it’s unique (1/1).

View collection here: Moments

Collection #2 — Our Culture in a Box

Our Culture in a Box

This collection consists of five kits (traditional wooden boxes we named Culture Boxes) which contain five individual art pieces. When you buy one, you unlock six pieces in total. The artwork is different between each box, so make sure you collect them all. The inspiration comes from traditional souvenirs and items found at the Latin American markets, specifically in El Salvador. Each piece represents the roots of the country, its people, and its culture. There will be 150 copies of each, at a fixed price of $ETH 0.01 (aprox. $40) per Culture Box.

Note: As we mentioned before, we minted the collections under the Polygon network to avoid gas fees. However, it is not possible to bundle the artwork on Polygon yet. Therefore, when you buy a box we will manually send the five additional art pieces to your wallet. If you have purchased a box (or more) and didn’t receive the content inside, please contact

View collection here: Our Culture in a Box

Collection #3 — Warm Roots

Warm Roots

This collection consists of 25 individual items. They’re inspired by the souvenirs found at the Salvadoran markets. Each piece represents the roots of the country, its people and its culture. All of the art pieces were illustrated by Juan Funes from Art River Agency. There will be 200 copies of each, at a fixed price of $ETH 0.0025 (aprox. $10) per art piece.

View collection here: Warm Roots

Words from our CEO

Join us in this cause, you can truly make a difference in their lives by purchasing one of these NFTs, (first of their kind)!

Note: All the art pieces have a fixed price in $ETH and an estimated value in US Dollar (USD) is given based on the USD/ETH price at the moment of writing (Oct 22nd, 2021).

Let’s Connect!

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the upcoming days and weeks!


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