CFLO Speaking at NFT.NYC

Dear community,

We are happy to inform you that ChainFlowers’ CEO, Oscar Rodriguez, will be a guest speaker at one of the most prestigious NFT events in the world: NFT.NYC.

NFT.NYC self proclaims as the leading annual Non‑Fungible Token event, and will take place in New York City from November 1st to November 4th. It will be a night full of great activities, including awards to the best NFT. ChainFlowers is proud to be making a debut in this event, where known companies like OpenSea will be present.

Oscar will talk about the surging of the Latin American NFT market and how it’s helping transform lives. It is not just an additional income for artists but also a way to raise funds to help artists in need. ChainFlowers started an NFT collection in collaboration with an NFT Agency to help artisans, florists, and sellers who were affected by a fire in a market located in San Salvador. More details on how you can participate (buy NFTs) will be shared next week.

“CFLO is not just about NFTs, it’s about equipping untapped talent and restoring our communities” — Oscar Rodriguez, CEO.

This is just the beginning of the impact NFTs will have in Latin America and the world.

Let’s Connect!

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the upcoming days and weeks!


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