A ChainFlowers NFT Sneak Peek

1 min readAug 17, 2021

We recently launched our staking pools for our CFLO token through the Ferrum network. As ChainFlowers’ value increases and your commitment strengthens, our team keeps working on the NFT marketplace development. We know you are eager to get a sneak peek of the platform, but before that, what if you get a peek at what an NFT can look like? Here’s one of the many possibilities that our ecosystem will allow you to do when it comes to NFT creations of your art.

We hope you are as excited (or more) as we are! With ChainFlowers, you will be able to easily create and transact NFTs. There will be many tools to assist you in the transformation of your physical art piece into a wonderful digital masterpiece, bringing your art to the blockchain — now it will last forever.

If you want to read more about our project, you can read our whitepaper or visit our website. If you already have CFLO tokens and are ready to choose a staking pool to add them to, you can click here.

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CFLOW is an Ethereum based platform for creation and trading of NFTs. Available on iOS, Android and Web